Dental erosion is permanent, it is loss of tooth enamel caused by acid attack. When the outer layer of enamel is worn away, the dentine underneath becomes exposed. Erosion can wear away the tooth so much that the dentine becomes exposed, causing sensitivity and increasing the risk of dental decay. 

Once the damage has been done you may need restorative work to restore the look of your smile and combat the sensitivity. This could include fillings, crowns and veneers. In some cases if the erosion is severe and has lead to extensive tooth decay, you may need the tooth removed. 

* Increased sensitivity to hot and cold, sweet or acidic foods abs drinks
* Discolouration of teeth
* Crater shaped indents on the teeth
* Cracks and chips in teeth 
* Smooth shiny appearance of enamel

Diet can be a huge cause of dental erosion, especially:
* Sports drinks
* Fizzy drinks
* Fruit juices and smoothies (esp citrus juices)
* Excess vitamin C (found in citrus fruits)
* Acidic foods (citrus fruits, ketchup, vinegar, salad dressing)
* Alcohol

There are some medical conditions may also cause dental erosion such as: acid reflux, eating disorders and ever morning sickness during pregnancy.

* Limit acid attacks to 3-4 per day
* Keep acid attacks to meal times
* Consume acidic drinks through a straw
* Follow acid attacks with a glass of water
* Chew sugar free gum between meals
* Snack on safe snacks between meals
* Wait at least 30 mins after an acid attack to brush your teeth

For tailored advice, book in to see one of our dentists, who will be able to assess your teeth and provide you with information about stopping further erosion and cosmetic options to treat teeth that are already affected; edge-bonding, veneers, crowns tooth whitening, align bleach and bond to name a few.