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Dental hygiene appointments are vital for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. Given that gum disease is the most prevalent of dental diseases, regular hygiene appointments are a great tool to help you keep on top of your gum health.

Who is the dental hygienist at W9 Dental Health?

Alisha Mistry (GDC 285744)

Alisha qualified from the Eastman Dental Hospital, University College London, with a Diploma in Dental Hygiene and Therapy. Whilst undertaking her diploma, Alisha was able to treat patients from simple to complex periodontal needs.


Alisha loves putting a smile on people’s faces and is a warm and welcoming clinician with a friendly manner, making it easy for first time or nervous patients to feel at ease.


Away from dentistry, Alisha enjoys being creative through painting, drawing and cooking. She loves spending time with her family and friends and has an outgoing personality.


What should I expect from a hygiene appointment?


At your first visit, Alisha will run through your medical history, and determine what oral hygiene routine you are already implementing. She will then carry out an assessment of your gums and let you know her findings. Alisha will then proceed to carrying out cleaning of your gums, using ultrasonic scalers and hand instruments, followed by stain removal to give you that ultra-clean feeling! She will then demonstrate the use of different hygiene aids that may help you to maintain your teeth and gums more efficiently, and ensure you are comfortable to carry out this maintenance yourself. Finally, Alisha will discuss a recall interval as to when you should return for a follow up appointment. If you have been referred to Alisha by your dentist, you may require local anaesthetic for the treatment of deeper pockets or more sensitive areas to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Will I be in pain after my appointment?


Most patients have no negative effects after a hygiene visit. On some occasions, patients may experience some sensitivity. This can be easily overcome by the use of sensitive toothpastes, and Alisha will be happy to advise you on this. You may find that your gums bleed a little more that usual after your appointment, but this will settle down provided you implement the cleaning measures that are advocated.

How often should I see the hygienist?


Your dentist and Alisha will inform you of how often you should be seen. Most patients like to attend every six months to ensure they are keeping on top of things, but you may need to be seen more regularly if you are at higher risk of periodontal disease, or if your teeth are prone to staining.

How should I maintain the health of my teeth and gums at home?

Alisha will give you individual advice on the maintenance of your periodontal health. As well as twice daily brushing, Alisha will advise on interdental cleaning using things such dental floss, Tepe TM Brushes, Superfloss TM and interspace brushes, as well as discussing optimum use of your manual or electric tooth-brush. The tools used will depend on the arrangement of your teeth, which is why the advice is tailored to you.

Will a hygiene visit make my teeth look whiter?

Alisha will be able to remove superficial stains caused by things such as smoking, red wine, tea, coffee, and chromatic foods such as beetroot and turmeric. This will of course make a huge difference to the way your teeth look and feel. However, if you want the overall shade of your teeth to improve, you will need to consider tooth whitening in conjunction with your hygiene visits. Alisha will be happy to give you further advice and information on this treatment.

How can I book an appointment?

The easiest and quickest way to book is by clicking on Book Appointment. You can also arrange appointments via telephone by calling us on 020 7289 6222.

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